continuous internal mixer

continuous internal mixer is suitable for rubber and plastic molding and mixing of various rubber materials. Products: E.V.A. foamed sole, rubber sole, TPR, sole, rubber roller, rubber sponge, tire, sports ball, rubber band, rubber tube, rubber band, bottle stopper, oil seal, shockproof rubber, adhesive tape, elastic band, color masterbatch, ink, electrical rubber parts, all kinds of automobile rubber products and mixed raw materials of various chemical industries.

Internal mixer

The internal mixer is composed of motor, pressing device, frame, mixing chamber and rotor mechanism, plasticizer, pneumatic control system, turnover device, heating and cooling system, belt transmission device and base.

internal mixer
internal mixer

Internal mixer in the production process:

In the working process of 75L internal mixer, the rotors of two water caltrops rotate relatively. The different speed and speed ratio will cause shear pressure on the materials, break the molecular chain, and add the mixture in the mixing process. The purpose of mixing is to fully mix the materials, so as to achieve the materials needed for industry.

The mixing time is related to the amount of filling and the temperature rise of the formula. The mixing temperature affects the mixing time. The speed of the mixer and the pressure of the top bolt also affect the mixing time. Therefore, the auxiliary time and feeding time should be shortened in the mixing process

We have high-quality after-sales service of internal mixer, at the same time, we undertake internal mixer maintenance business, to help you solve the problems of powder leakage and copper turbine damage.

Eurasia rubber machine provides all-round solutions for rubber products industry. The company takes “quality for survival, reputation for development, science and technology for innovation and excellence” as its business philosophy.

In 1999, the self-designed and developed program-controlled turnover type internal mixer was appraised as a new product in Zhejiang Province and won the provincial science and technology progress award

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