EVA shoe sole Material Granulator

The EVA plastic granulator is suitable for: all kinds of EVA foaming, EVA plastic, EVA shoe material, EVA board, EVA sheet, EVA cable material, PVC cable material, PVC color masterbatch, PVC pipe material, PVC shoe material, PVC board, TPR sole, TPR hose, TPR adhesive tape, TPR hose, TPR adhesive tape, TPR adhesive tape, TPR adhesive strip, TPR adhesive plate, etc.

Rixin machinery provides EVA shoe sole Material Granulator equipment and accessory equipment solutions.

Service tenet: continuous technological innovation, improve products, integrity management, customer first
Pre sales service: provide you with project design, process design, suitable for your EVA sole granulation equipment selection scheme,
According to your needs, design and manufacture EVA sole material granulator products for your training operation;
Sales service: accompany you to complete the acceptance of the equipment, assist in the preparation of construction scheme and detailed process;

EVA shoe sole Material Granulator
EVA Material Granulator

EVA sole granulator features:

  1. EVA shoe sole granulator production line, mixing, conveying, feeding, extrusion, air conveying, hot cutting and cooling are integrated to realize automatic continuous operation and high production efficiency.
  2. Shoe Equipment Compact structure, small occupation and space, can be plane installation.
  3. Closed loop temperature control is carried out in the production process. The internal mixer, feed and extruder have their own heating and cooling systems, and their respective temperatures are controlled according to the process requirements.
  4. The feeding mechanism adopts propeller double pull type with strong feeding ability. It is especially suitable for extruding and pelleting of agglomerate materials directly mixed by internal mixer.
  5. EVA Granulator The barrel screw is made of 38crmoaia high quality alloy steel. After nitriding treatment, it has high hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
  6. The machine head adopts manual or fast non-stop screen changing mechanism to improve the production efficiency.
  7. The electric control system adopts advanced PLC control technology, and is composed of several frequency converters, so that the feeding, extrusion, cutting and other machines can carry out high-precision and wide range stepless speed regulation according to the process requirements.

EVA shoe sole Material Granulator equipment has the functions of whole machine process interlock, sound and light fault alarm and so on, which is perfect and reliable.



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