Open Rubber mixing machine is the most widely used equipment in rubber products.

The Rubber mixing machine is mainly used in rubber mixing, tablet pressing, plastic refining and heat refining.Open Rubber mixing machine can be used for rubber plasticizing, mixing, heating and pressing.

Structure description: the mixer machine is mainly composed of roller, frame, bearing, distance adjustment device, heating and cooling system, accident stopping device, lubrication system and electrical control system

Open Rubber mixing machine
Rubber mixing machine

mixing machine manufacturer Characteristics

  1. The roller is made of alloyed chilled cast iron with high hardness and wear resistance.
  2. The inner cavity of the roller can be passed like steam or cooling water to adjust the working temperature of the roller, so as to meet the requirements of the rubber refining process.
  3. The adjustment of roll distance is manual, with accurate and sensitive adjustment.

Model No. Xk-360 for open mixer
Technical parameters
Working diameter of roller 360mm
Working length of roller 900mm
Front roller speed 16.10(m/min)
Roller speed ratio 1: 1.25
Maximum roller spacing 10mm
Amount of glue added at one time 20-25 kg
Power of the electric motor 30 kw
Exterior size L3940mm×W1780mm×H1740mm
The weight of the product 6000 kg

Open Rubber mixing machine manufacturer


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