PE pipe extruder can produce large diameter gas pipe and water pipe

The large diameter pipe extrusion equipment for PE large diameter gas water supply pipe production line developed by Ruijie Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is characterized by unique structure, high degree of automation, convenient operation, stable and reliable continuous production.

The pipeline produced by the PE pipe extruder production line has moderate steel, strength, good flexibility, resistance to degeneration, environmental stress cracking and good hot fusion ability. It is the first choice for Intercity gas transmission and urban water supply pipeline.

PE pipe extruder

The production line is composed of control system, extruder, die, cooling system, traction machine, planetary cutting device and turnover frame. There are two extruders in each production line, one of which uses strong conveying bushing and high-efficiency screw, and the other smaller extruder is used for extrusion marking line.

Plastic PE pipe extruder equipment production line components:

Head: the newly designed basket type head or spiral split type pipe extrusion compound head is adopted, which has the characteristics of convenient adjustment and uniform discharge. The sizing sleeve adopts unique slotting process and water ring cooling to ensure the forming accuracy of pipe.

Vacuum sizing and cooling system: water curtain type sizing sleeve, stainless steel tank, accurate sizing, fast cooling speed and high efficiency.

Traction: multi claw tractor with reasonable design is adopted to make the contact surface of pipe and track more uniform. Frequency conversion speed regulation, so that the traction speed is even and stable.

Cutting: planetary cutting, pipe cutting section is flat.

Control system: adopt man-machine interface and common control to meet the needs of different customers.

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