Plastic bag making machine

Automatic square bottom plastic bag making machine HDPE.LDPE , recycled materials, square bottom plastic bags, flat mouth plastic bags, etc

Performance and characteristics of plastic bag making machine:

  1. Automatic Plastic bags making machine this type of machine is suitable for cold cutting plastic bag making machine for processing high and low pressure polyethylene and other soluble materials.
    (can process plastic bag with square bottom and flat mouth, etc.).
  2. The main machine of bag making machine adopts imported frequency conversion speed regulation, with accurate high position parking, over-current, over-voltage and other protection functions.
  3. The length of plastic bag is controlled by stepping motor or servo motor structure, which makes the operation more convenient and the error of bag length smaller.
  4. The electric eye can track the color code of color printing plastic film, and the position of picture and text is more accurate.
  5. The plastic bag making machinery adopts the computer programming control system, which can set the length and production speed of the plastic bag, reduce the plastic waste and save the cost;
    it can automatically feed, seal, cut, count and discharge materials, and it will automatically alarm when the machine is abnormal, so as to improve the safety of the operation of the bag making machine
plastic bag making machine

Applicable materials:

Square bottom plastic bag making machinery is suitable for HDPE.LDPE , recycled materials, biodegradable biomaterials

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