plastic injection molding machine is usually composed of injection system, clamping system, hydraulic transmission system, electrical control system, lubrication system, heating and cooling system, safety monitoring system, etc.

plastic injection molding machine

Injection system is one of the most important parts of injection molding machine。

generally there are three main forms: plunger type, screw type, screw pre plastic plunger injection type.

At present, the most widely used is screw type Vertical Injection Machine . Its function is that in a cycle of the injection molding machine, a certain amount of plastic can be heated and plasticized within a specified time, and then the molten plastic can be injected into the mold cavity through a screw under a certain pressure and speed.

Classification of injection molding machine:

injection molding machine

1、 Vertical AC / DC injection molding machine series: this model is mainly for the injection molding of connecting wires, all kinds of electronic and computer data wires and power plug wires.

The requirements for the accuracy of injection molding products are not high. Generally, the injection molding of PVC, PE and other plastic materials is dominant.

Injection Machine specific applicable model specifications for this product are generally from 15t to 35t, because of the specific capacitance modulus of each manufacturer’s model Before purchase, the manufacturer must confirm the specific parameters and specifications of the model

2、 C-type injection molding machine series: the machine vertical locking, horizontal injection, because there is no guide pillar, because the locking part into an English letter “C” word and named. Because of its complex structure and large injection volume, the machine is mainly suitable for injection molding of all kinds of safety power plugs, such as French head, American plug, British plug and so on

3、 Vertical single slide type injection molding machine, double slide type injection molding machine series: the machine is mainly for engineering plastics, products have strict precision requirements, precision or small embedded parts injection molding together, is also one of the optimal injection molding scheme of embedded parts.

Because the machine has the function of fixing the upper die and sliding out the lower die. The second mock exam has two upper dies and two modes alternating operation, which is more suitable for the insertion or removal of precision hardware. Some two-color molds can also be molded by double slide injection molding.

For general molding products, such as electronic precision connectors, mobile phone connectors, integrated circuit components, etc., the disadvantages of double slide plate are: two working positions, increasing labor costs.

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