Plastic mixing granulator equipment

Plastic mixing granulator applies the advanced technology of Japan, uses the principle of multi knife rapid crushing, continuous stirring, mixing friction heating, rapid cooling shrinkage, and puts the plastic film, wire, belt, sheet, soft plastic pipe, foaming material, degradation material and other wastes and corner materials into reproduction.

Plastic mixing granulator

It is the latest type of ideal granulation equipment for plastic recycling.

Plastic mixing granulator equipment Main functions:

  1. The waste and leftover materials of PVC, pvpe, LDPE, HDPE, linear LDPE and other soft plastic films, bags, wires, belts, sheets and pipes are recycled and put into production.
  2. The recycling and reproduction of degradable plastic film and corner material crushing and granulation.
  3. Chemical fiber materials (polyester, acrylic, polypropylene, etc.) were crushed, granulated and put into reproductions.
  4. One machine has many functions. Can replace mixer or dryer.

Main features【plastic mixing granulator】:
A: Crushing, mixing and coloring can be carried out at one time
B: The granulator covers a small area
C: The granulator structure is simple and easy to operate
D: Blade clearance adjustable, easy to change
E: High production efficiency and low energy consumption
F: Low temperature granulation, basically does not damage the molecular structure of raw materials, does not damage the physical properties

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