Polyurethane shoe sole molding pouring machine

PU shoe sole molding pouring machine

Polyurethane shoe sole molding pouring machine, the introduction of foreign advanced high-speed mixing technology, that is, less waste displacement, more continuous production mold number, less cleaning times, at the same time to solve the high failure rate of domestic similar polyurethane equipment, has been favored by the majority of customers since it was put on the market.

Polyurethane shoe sole molding pouring machine

PU shoe sole molding pouring machine purpose

It is suitable for the production of casting polyurethane foam products. It is mainly used for the production of various kinds of polyurethane sole and upper forming shoes. It is also suitable for the production of different types of foam products in automobile, electric tools, sports equipment and other industries.

Polyurethane pouring machine characteristic

  1. The mixing head of polyurethane sole molding pouring machine adopts wear-resistant, high-precision rotary valve device, with synchronous injection, long working life, simple operation, safe and reliable, and convenient maintenance.
  2. Pouring machine high precision low speed metering pump, accurate metering, durable; metering error ≤ 1%.
  3. The polyurethane pouring machine has a temperature control system suitable for different sole materials; the material conveying pipeline adopts a heat-conducting layer insulation device, and the material tank adopts an acid resistant stainless steel (inner liner) heating sandwich type material tank, so as to ensure the quality and temperature stability of raw materials.

The polyurethane pouring machine is equipped with a computer control system which can automatically select the discharging and cleaning.

  1. The cooling system combined with screw and blade mixing device can work for a long time, reduce cleaning times, reduce environmental pollution, reduce cost and improve production efficiency.

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