Rubber machinery

Rubber machinery is mainly used to make a variety of different tires of machinery, in our life now is completely including tire machinery and other rubber products. In our life and work now, it is completely in line with the user’s application. Rubber machinery can meet the application needs of different users, which plays a very important role in the process and quality.

rubber Machinery

Characteristics of rubber machinery:

  1. The screw and barrel of rubber machinery optimized by CAD can meet the requirements of different designs, formulations and processes of users.
  2. The feature of this machine is that it has been improved and innovated on the basis of the original extruder, highlighting the reliability, economy and maintainability.
  3. All parts of rubber machinery contacting with rubber compound are supplied with circulating water, and equipped with constant temperature control water temperature regulation system. Selecting appropriate water temperature can effectively ensure the quality stability of various rubber materials.
  4. The pin installed in the barrel separates the laminar flow of rubber moving along the screw, so that the cold and hot layers of rubber can be mixed more effectively, and the heat distribution is more uniform and the extrusion amount is larger.
  5. Digital control of the speed control system, accurate and reliable, easy to operate.
  6. Flexible design system of rubber machinery can meet the special design requirements of customers in the shortest time.
  7. Rubber machinery is equipped with different heads, which can be used for feeding, sheet extruding, pipe extruding and profile extruding.

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