TPR elastomer rubber granulator

The production process of plastic elastomer high-speed rubber granulator eqipment is controlled by segmented closed-loop temperature control.

The rubber internal mixer, rubber feed and rubber extruder have their own heating and cooling systems, and their respective temperatures are controlled according to the process requirements.

TPR elastomer rubber granulator

The feeding mechanism of TPR rubber granulator equipment adopts double pull screw type, which has strong feeding ability. It is especially suitable for extrusion pelletizer.

The barrel screw of TPR elastomer rubber granulator equipment is made of 38crmoaia high-quality alloy steel. After nitriding treatment, it has high hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

The granulator machine head adopts manual net changing mechanism or quick automatic net changing mechanism without stopping machine to improve production efficiency.

The electric control system adopts advanced PLC control technology, and is composed of multiple frequency converters, so that the feeding, extrusion, pelleting and other multiple machines can carry out high-precision and wide range stepless speed regulation according to the process requirements.

TPR elastomer rubber granulator has the functions of whole machine process interlock, sound and light fault alarm and so on, which is perfect and reliable.

Model of TPR rubber granulator — rx-130
Screw diameter — 130
Length diameter ratio of screw — 1:12
Driving motor — 37KW
Automatic temperature control — 4sets
Heater: 15kw
Feeding device — 5.5kw
Production capacity – 480KG / h
Machine weight — 4500
External dimension — 500 × 200 × 160
Model of TPR granulator — rx-150
Screw diameter — 150
Length diameter ratio of screw — 1:12
Drive motor — 55kW

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