TPR high speed plastic granulator

TPR high speed plastic granulator, divided into TPR high-speed granulation plant equipment, air-cooled plastic elastomer high-speed granulation plant equipment, PVC type plastic elastomer high-speed granulation plant equipment

TPR high speed plastic granulator

TPR plastic granulator production line integrates mixing, conveying, feeding, extruding, air conveying and hot cutting cooling, realizing automation Continuous operation, high production efficiency.

The production process of TPR high-speed plastic granulator is controlled by segmented closed-loop temperature. The internal mixer, feed and extruder have their own heating and cooling systems to control their respective temperatures according to the process requirements.

The feeding mechanism adopts screw pulp double pull type, which has strong feeding capacity. It is especially suitable for dough directly mixed by internal mixer

Extruding and granulating.

The barrel screw of granulator is made of 38crmoaia high quality alloy steel. After nitriding, it has high hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

The head of plastic granulator adopts manual screen changing or fast automatic screen changing mechanism without stopping the machine to improve the production efficiency.

The electric control system adopts advanced PLC control technology and consists of several frequency converters to feed, extrude and pelletize

According to the process requirements, the stepless speed regulation with high precision and wide range is carried out. It has the function control of whole machine process interlock, sound and light fault alarm, perfect and reliable.

Model: rx-130

Screw diameter — 130

Screw length diameter ratio — 1:12

Drive motor — 37KW

Automatic temperature control — 4sets

Heater: 15kw

Feeding device — 5.5kw

Production capacity – 480KG / h

Machine weight — 4500

External dimension — 500 × 200 × 160

Model: rx-150

Screw diameter — 150

Screw length diameter ratio — 1:12

Driving motor — 55kW

Ruian Rixin rubber and Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in developing rubber and plastic machinery. The company’s leading products are rubber, plastic strong pressure turnover mixer; TPR, EVA, PVC, cable material, color masterbatch, agricultural film masterbatch, high filling masterbatch and other (air-cooled, water-cooled) high-speed granulation plant equipment; experimental granulator and rubber extruder; open rubber mixer; rubber cutter, etc.

The designed and developed program-controlled turnover internal mixer passed the new product appraisal of Zhejiang Province in 1999 and won the provincial science and technology progress award.


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